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Interactive Solution Sharing Session at THEi

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On the 9th of March, Our COO Mr. Joe Wong was invited to be the guest speaker for sharing the insights and knowledge about interactive solution. In which, believing is the influencing field of technology in our future. Students were feeling so amazed and inspired about the different type of interactive solutions during the session.

HKHM – Jin Yong Gallery, Jin Yong Exhibition

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In previous monthly e-newsletter, Jin Yong Gallery was reported and introduced. The feedback from public and museum is positive, the age range of users is wide, from 2 years old to 70 years old. There are always long queue waiting for Exchange Blows with Martial Arts Masters(高手過招) and The Adventures of Heros (大俠遊蹤). We feel brilliant to have participated in such a great exhibition, and here are some moments captured in the video for Jin Yong Gallery.

VTC (IVE, Shatin) – Interactive wall at CECIL

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To facilitate the changing dynamics of education in modern era, The Child Education Centre for Teaching & Learning takes a bold step ahead and integrated interactive technologies to develop new ways of teaching.

Situated at Shatin IVE, a bezel-less display system of whooping 165 inches finally made its grand debut and is ready to be played with motion sensing games. Teachers will take advantage of the system and develop content that is otherwise restrained and limited. Multiple mini games including job simulation, reality quizzes and money management serve to shape the children’s mindset toward morality, commonsense and social behavior as part of their all-rounded growth.

Children and teachers from SKH Holy Spirit Church Wo Che Kindergarten participated in the opening. They were thoroughly inspired by the interactive learning and the teachers felt the need to incorporate simulated experiences to strengthen the children’s awareness and development.

VTC IVE (Shatin) – CECTL Kids Farm

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At Shatin IVE, visitors can now embrace nature with technology in the not-so-usual backyard garden decorated with technology. Using a network of Bluetooth modules and a dedicated app developed by Sengital, students are able to discover characteristics of each species they encounter on the tablet during their brisk walk around.

VTC IVE(Shatin) – Smart Interactive Teaching Platform

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The smart interactive teaching platform is a platform that enables efficient and interactive teaching. It integrates teaching administration, resource sharing, online learning, and in-class performance analysis. The platform is designed to provide teachers an efficient way to manage and distribute the teaching materials to students. It includes a tablet which allows teacher to access the teaching materials through the system. Teachers can also present with the tablet and projector provided. Teachers and students are able to communicate by the tablets through WiFi network. The portable features allow teachers to interact with students in class. Furthermore, the system is designed for teachers to access the in-class situations visually. Teachers can review students’ performance by the real time video recording function. With the interaction of teachers and students, the system collects the statistics and performs analysis to monitor and improve management efficiency of personal learning progress of the students. The system also includes an interactive holographic 3D display for demonstrating human organs 3D models. Students can move the 3D models in free space with their hands so that they can see and learn the human organ structures more clearly.