HKHM – “The Hong Kong Jockey Club Series: Tsar of All Russia. Holiness and Splendour of Power”

Can you imagine how’s the royal family in Russia lived in the past? A new exhibition “Tsar of all Russia. Holiness and Splendour of Power” is launched at the Hong Kong Heritage Museum on 29 May, 2021. More than 170 sets of exquisite court treasures and luxury daily necessities are exhibiting. You can know more about Russian culture and the political changes throughout the 16th to 18th centuries.

[Interactive E-books with 2D/3D Design]
We, Senmedia, are proud in joining this exhibition by creating an education area with multimedia interactive devices. In that area, you can find huge displays stored two Russian classics, one is related to their election system and the other one is related to the Tsar’s wedding. Those books are made with 3D modeling, 2D animation, and touch-sensing technology; thus you can just flap the book by moving your finger as always. Come and enjoy the amazing books!

[Motion Sensing Game]
We sure know learning is not solely through books. So we created a game “Learning Russian from the Little Prince” just next to the “book”. The game makes use of motor sensing techniques, which allows players to “ride” on a horse and catch the letters fly around with grab action. After that, just be a study partner with little prince and study Russian by reading, listening, and writing together.

The Tsar Exhibition will end in late August. Come before its end and don’t miss our works 😀