HKHM – “The Hong Kong Jockey Club Series: Tsar of All Russia. Holiness and Splendour of Power”

The “Tsar of All Russia. Holiness and Splendour of Power” is launched at the Hong Kong Heritage Museum from May 29. Featuring more than 170 sets of exquisite court treasures and eye-catching royal objects, this exhibition allows visitors to gain an understanding the politics and culture of Russia from the 16th to the 18th centuries.

SenMedia is very pleased to participate in the production of multimedia interactive devices education corner for this meaningful event. The book “THE BOOK ON THE ELECTION OF THE GREAT SOVEREIGN, TSAR AND GRAND PRINCE MIKHAIL FYODOROVICH, TO THE SUPREME THRONE OF THE GREAT RUSSIAN TSARDOM” and “A DESCRIPTION IN PERSONAGES OF THE CELEBRATIONS HELD IN 1626 ON FEBRUARY THE FIFTH AT THE WEDDING OF THE TSAR AND GRAND PRINCE MIKHAIL FYODOROVICH AND THE SOVEREIGN TSARITSA EVDOKIA LUKYANOVNA STRESHNEVA” are created with 3D modeling. Applying the touch-sensing technology, players can move their fingers along the screen to read the books so that let them experience a real process of turning this two colourful books.

In addition to the interactive part of reading books, players also can play the motion-sensing game “Learning Russian from the Little Prince”. The first part of the game will simulate the player riding a horse, catch different letters with gestures on the track, and learn to read like the little prince. In the second part of the game, players can learn Russian together with the little prince, combining reading, listening and writing.

The Tsar Exhibition lasts for three months. Don’t miss it if you are interested!