HKHM – “Hand-in-Hand for Benevolence – Tung Wah’s Fundraising Culture and Social Development”

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A new exhibition “Hand-in-Hand for Benevolence – Tung Wah’s Fundraising Culture and Social Development” is launched at the Hong Kong Heritage Museum on 25 Jan 2021. As Tung Wah Group was established in 1870 and grow up with most Hongkongers, it shares many collective memories with us. Featuring more than 200 invaluable artifacts and a great number of photos, you can know more about how Hong Kong’s social development correlate with the Tung Wah Group of Hospitals (TWGHs)’s fund raising culture.

[Motion Sensing Game System]
We are happy to be part of this event by creating some interactive games, a photo booth, and an animation video. The first game “Adventure on the Peak Tower” is replicating the signature scene of Yang Pan Pan with 3D modelling. By doing the “Pull” gesture, the sensor detects your motions and brings you closer to the Peak. The faster to the end will gain more coins. Try to compete and scored higher! The result of coins will be treated as how much you raised and will be sent to our system. Then, the coins number will be accumulated and shown on the grant digital scoreboard outside the exhibition, just like what you watched on Tung Wah Fundraising shows on TV.

[Interactive Q & A Game]
Besides, some Q&A with touching devices is located in the exhibition. You can touch those devices and see whether you really understand the event. To be more visitors friendly, we offer Cantonese, mandarin, and English voice-overs and have both Chinese and English for the questions. Two famous MC artists are invited for the Cantonese voice-over, just make you like answering questions on the TV show. The score will also be sent and accumulated on the digital scoreboard too.

[Photobooth and Photo Mosaic Wall]
Apart from interactive games, audiences can take a photo as a memento at the “321! Cheer Up” photobooth. The photobooth applied dual-cameras which was user-friendly for people with different heights. We designed 10 themed props to make the photo more eye-catching. The taken photos will be sent to the mosaic wall immediately, and become one of the pieces composing the Hong Kong Victoria Harbour.

[Wonderful Parade Animation]
To celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Tung Wah Group of Hospitals, we also made an animation that reproduced the joyful parade and celebrating activities on Tung Wah’s established date. The animation is projected in this exhibition.

Don’t miss it if you are interested!