PolyU – “Virtual Reality (VR)-Based Motor-Cognitive Training for Older People with Cognitive Frailty”

What’s amazement in improving human life with technology! The School of Nursing at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) conducted a research that related to motor-cognitive training for the elderly. SenMedia Team is proudly involved in the research project and is responsible for developing the main equipment and the system program – VR Bike Game.

[Flexible Sensor Application]
Sengital, our mother company, is specialized in the development of sensors.  Their technical team assisted us with the sensor configuration and connection.

[Self-made Bike Controller]
Our VR Bike isn’t solely controlled by a pair of hand controllers but also connected to the pedaling device with our self-made sensor for controlling the speed and direction in game. Not only enhance the sense of reality, but the player can also do exercise while playing the game.

[Multi-level VR Gaming System]
A series of mini VR games is developed in the whole training system. All game details are discussed with PolyU and designed upon their demands. Games with completely different playing methods are integrated into one single system.

[Various 3D Modeling Background]
Another objective for this game is to help the elderly with dementia to engage in society, therefore our game background is very similar to the street view in real life. Apart from the urban view, we’ve built a countryside on our map too.

[Capture Data Upon Needs]
As this is a research project, so we need to catch every movement of the player and generate reports for researchers to do analysis. With our system, researchers can observe the performance of the player clearly.

Appreciatively the result for this research is encouraging and can bring help to society. Thanks again to PolyU allow us to join this meaningful project.