Adopting the virtual reality technology, many 3D virtual scenes for Conservation office is developed. Visitor can wear the VR headset and control the system by motion controller. The VR game is to let the visitor to walk around the virtual museum to fix some issues in the conservation office in order to learn more about museum.

Muse Fest HK 2017

Museum goers all have their own unique museum experience.  It may come from the encounter of an artwork, a relic that could tell a story or an idea-igniting scientific invention, which is just like a pebble that is casted into their mind and created beautiful ripples.  Maybe it is that kind of resonant effects that attract them to keep coming back to the museums.

The Muse Fest HK, stepping into its 3rd year, thus set “Rippling” as the theme with an aim of linking different public museums and visitors together to keep the vibration extending wider and further.  This year, about 100 fabulous programmes organised by the museums, other related offices, heritage centres and art spaces under our management will be presented.  We have also invited other museum partners in Guangdong, Macao and Hong Kong to join us.  We get together to offer a series of thought provoking programmes, including exhibitions, film screenings, talks, concerts, guided tours and workshops for public’s enjoyment.  We hope that the festival will create ripples of inspiration to our participants and one day they will be turned into unparalleled ideas and energies.

(Source from the Hong Kong Public Museum)