A 9 DOF (degree of freedom) motion sensing controller is used to control the kiosk. A software showing different Jin Yong characters from different stories in different place in China map. Visitor can use the motion controller to point and trigger the animation or information in the map of the screen. It is user-friendly and direct control by visitors.

Jin Yong Gallery

The Jin Yong Gallery showcases the fantastic world of martial arts created by Jin Yong

Dr Louis Cha is a world-famous Hong Kong journalist, community leader and literary giant. In 1955, he published his first martial arts novel The Book and the Sword, in New Evening Post, under the pen name Jin Yong coincidentally. The novel was an instant success, and he went on to create 15 extremely popular martial arts novels, ending with The Deer and the Cauldron in 1972. Jin Yong is the most influential Chinese martial arts novel writer in the 20th century, with readers across the globe.

Jin Yong’s martial arts novels have inspired producers of movies, TV series, radio dramas, stage dramas, video games and various cultural and creative products, deeply influencing the development of popular culture of Hong Kong over the past decades, and even becoming a type of common language for Chinese readers around the world.

The Gallery displays more than 300 exhibits featuring the early career of Dr Louis Cha (Jin Yong), the creative process behind his martial arts novels and the impact the novels have had on Hong Kong’s popular culture. Together with the interactive exhibits which include excerpts from films and TV drama series adapted from Jin Yong’s novels, along with theme songs, the exhibition provides visitors with an opportunity to delve into the knowledge embedded in his martial arts novels.

With a view to ensuring a comfortable environment for visitors to enjoy the exhibition, we will adopt admission control on site when necessary. Your kind understanding and co-operation are much appreciated.

(Source from the Hong Kong Heritage Museum)