By one and half year development, iM Guide, the museum multimedia information guide system for hong kong museums are successfully developed by SenMedia team. This powerful system contains a user-friendly mobile app, indoor positioning infrastructure, IT and server system. Visitors can use the mobile app to identify their location in the digital map. And the target destination can be searched. The recommended path will be shown by this indoor navigation system. The mobile app can be connected to the exhibits to receive the real-time content streaming video about the introduction of the exhibition highlight. On the other hand, the system support 360 VR photo view of exhibits. If museum has announcement, the mobile app can be received the broadcast notification in real-time. In order to provide effective communication platform, visitors can form different group in the app so that they can know the locations of each other. Also can communicate by sending private message or broadcasting group message to enhance the experience of museum visit.

iM Guide

“iM Guide” enhances your experience in a brand-new approach. “iM Guide” is a museum mobile multimedia guide platform. Visitors can have a deeper understanding on exhibits through audio, text, and multimedia contents. Indoor navigation technique provides locations of exhibits and museum facilities.

(Source from the Hong Kong Science Museum)