VTC IVE(Shatin) – Smart Interactive Teaching Platform

The smart interactive teaching platform is a platform that enables efficient and interactive teaching. It integrates teaching administration, resource sharing, online learning, and in-class performance analysis. The platform is designed to provide teachers an efficient way to manage and distribute the teaching materials to students. It includes a tablet which allows teacher to access the teaching materials through the system. Teachers can also present with the tablet and projector provided. Teachers and students are able to communicate by the tablets through WiFi network. The portable features allow teachers to interact with students in class. Furthermore, the system is designed for teachers to access the in-class situations visually. Teachers can review students’ performance by the real time video recording function. With the interaction of teachers and students, the system collects the statistics and performs analysis to monitor and improve management efficiency of personal learning progress of the students. The system also includes an interactive holographic 3D display for demonstrating human organs 3D models. Students can move the 3D models in free space with their hands so that they can see and learn the human organ structures more clearly.