In order to introducing a food labelling concept, science museum would like to have a fun way to promote. What if we can have different product (with food label) put inside a human-like kiosk and then the food label information will be shown in the screen to further introduce the ingredient of the food? To make it happen, at first, a wireless network standard called ZigBee is selected. It is IEEE802.15.4 standard similar to Bluetooh but ZigBee has lower power consumption, lower cost and longer communication distance. Especially in 2011, the RFID reader technology is not mature enough for longer distance yet. ZigBee showed a good demonstration in this exhibition.

Food Science

This exhibition is not only about eating. It is a memorable event for the visitors because of its rich and interesting content. As food is indispensable to us and we must eat for survival every day, it deserves our respect and value, no matter what food it is and what appearance it has. So please remember the “delicious moments”!

(Source from Hong Kong Science Museum)