A game “Hunting In The Kitchen” was developed. It asked players to distribute the food waste into different recycle bins or categories. It helped to let players know more about recycling and food waste. Apart from that, food with different nutritional facts was also introduced by the interactive exhibits. After the special exhibition is ended, the outstanding exhibits are selected to move to permanent exhibition hall. All Sengital made exhibits are selected including “Hunting in the kitchen” and “Food Labelling”. These two exhibits showed the reliability of the exhibits for long time exhibition. In order to further enhance the operation flow, an auto-start and switch off feature is implemented. That allow security guard to power off the exhibition hall instead of power off different exhibits one by one.

Food Science

This exhibition is not only about eating. It is a memorable event for the visitors because of its rich and interesting content. As food is indispensable to us and we must eat for survival every day, it deserves our respect and value, no matter what food it is and what appearance it has. So please remember the “delicious moments”!

(Source from Hong Kong Science Museum)