A series of pressure sensor were installed under the carpet in the interactive tunnel. Multiple projectors are installed on the roof in order to play the video in sequence of the projector with project mapping that allows the stegosaurus walking with the visitor as the concierge. When visitor walked the end of the tunnel, a Tyrannosaurus suddenly showed up and roared. Oh, it just wanted to say hi to visitors.

It is a very innovative and interactive exhibit. The 3D dinosaurs not only are cute, but also can interact with visitors. Once visitors walk on a custom-made mat, there will be a dinosaur on the screen and it will walk with the visitors. Experienced like being in the same environment with dinosaur. When four players or above step on the mat at the same time, a tyrannosaurus will be appeared on the screen for surprising the visitors. Visitors can observe the characteristic and walking posture of the dinosaurs by interacting with them.

  • Software And Graphic Design
  • Support Multi-player

Legends of the Giant Dinosaurs Exhibition

The Hong Kong Science Museum had organized a number of dinosaur exhibitions and all were well received. The “Legends of the Giant Dinosaurs” Exhibition will be the largest ever presented in Hong Kong. This exhibition is solely sponsored by the Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust. In this exhibition, new technologies and presentation methods will be used to introduce the largest Titanosaurus and the latest studies on dinosaurs. Occupying an area of 2,500 sq. metres, the exhibition is divided into four areas with different themes. It is opened from 8 November, 2013 to 9 April, 2014.

(Source from Hong Kong Science Museum)