Science Park Dancing Party support 9 players to dance at the same time. This dancing game installed 9 dancing mats with wireless network module connecting to the main control unit at the same time without latency. The big projector screen is used to show the gophers and visitor will need to step them when it comes out from the hole. Higher mark of visitor will be the winner of the game. This game exhibit provide digital and physical experience by adopting different technologies.

Pressure Sensing Network and ZigBee Wireless Network are used to detect the steps made on the mat by the players. In this game, players need to select and stand in one of the dancing mats. When the moles pop out, players have to step on the respective spots in order to get the points. By using the Multiple Players Methodology Calculation, up to 9 players can enjoy the game at the same time.

  • Support Multi-player
  • Hardware Fabrication And Installation

(Source from Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation)

Fun Nest & Inno Nest:

The Hong Kong Science Park TechUniverse is a facility built to engage the public. TechUniverse will demonstrate to visitors the impact of new technology to our livelihood and our environment. It consists of three key components: Fun Nest, Inno Nest and Time Tech, each offering different knowledge and experiences to visitors through a range of fun, entertaining and interactive games and exhibits. It is a great way to explore, feel and live it. There has never been a more fun way to expand your mind.

(Source from Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation)