Instead of using pressure sensing switch of the old design in the existing Fun Nest exhibition hall, Sengital R&D team made use of motion sensor to detect the tilt angle of the mover in order to control the game. A 3D virtual scene of Science Park with the character riding the electric mover will be shown in the big screen through the projector. Visitor can ride the real electric mover to visit science park campus virtually. It is a merge with the physical control and virtual reality experience by using motion sensing technology.

The steering is similar to a large joystick. It allows the transporter to detect the direction that player is intending to go. Player needs to stand onto the Transporter and control it by leaning towards the direction that player desires to go.

  • Software And Graphic Design
  • Hardware Fabrication And Installation

(Source from Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation)

Fun Nest & Inno Nest

The Hong Kong Science Park TechUniverse is a facility built to engage the public. TechUniverse will demonstrate to visitors the impact of new technology to our livelihood and our environment. It consists of three key components: Fun Nest, Inno Nest and Time Tech, each offering different knowledge and experiences to visitors through a range of fun, entertaining and interactive games and exhibits. It is a great way to explore, feel and live it. There has never been a more fun way to expand your mind.

(Source from Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation)