Science Park University is a motion capture game using AR technology encouraging visitors’ interests and enthusiasm in science and technology in game basis. It can also promote different technology domains of HKSTPC with different level of questions for challenge. The visitor immersed to the game environment and the front display will show the game view with the face of visitor. The system adopted Kinect Technology for our interactive game. Visitor can answer questions by their hand to catch the answer ball. After finishing the game, the visitor will be awarded different grown based on their marks. There are another touch panel that allows visitor to send the photo with the grown to their email address.

Different technologies have been applied in this exhibit, like Microsoft Kinect, Motion Detection, IR Touch Technology, etc. Players can use their body motion to pair up the matching icons and different academic levels will be awarded according to their scores after the game. Players can also take a photo and send it to themselves by email.

  • Email Photos To Players
  • Support Touch Screen

(Source from Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation)

Fun Nest & Inno Nest

The Hong Kong Science Park TechUniverse is a facility built to engage the public. TechUniverse will demonstrate to visitors the impact of new technology to our livelihood and our environment. It consists of three key components: Fun Nest, Inno Nest and Time Tech, each offering different knowledge and experiences to visitors through a range of fun, entertaining and interactive games and exhibits. It is a great way to explore, feel and live it. There has never been a more fun way to expand your mind.

(Source from Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation)