MagicZ is a cross platform mobile game for both iOS and Android. With motion gesture recognition technology, the game contains a more interesting gesture element providing more interactive game play to gamers. The graphics is colorful and high level of detail including nice animation to provide beautiful outlook and smooth game play. With the detailed game play design, the level of difficulty and game play smoothness can be balanced. The special magic crystals can provide even more fun to gamers to benefit from those special effects.

Game App

  • Game Flow And Graphics Design

  • For iOS And Android Platforms

  • For Tablet, Phone Or Even Television

  • App Uploaded to Google Play And iTunes

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MagicZ is a type of Whack-A-Mole game which supports single touching and motion sensing gesture feature. In this game, players try to hit moles popping up and down within the limited game time, aim for getting a high rank.

Moles wear a helmet with significant signs on it. The signs represent the weak property. Players need to draw a specific gesture to add the property to the weapon. Then tap to hit the moles. The moles would only stop eating the carrots after hitting by the correct property. The action can be performed by drawing on the touch screen or drawing with motion sensing controller, e.g. Air Mouse. Score will be added after the moles being hit. There will be bonus scores if the players hit the rare mole. In addition, the players can use five different magic stones in the game.