Pleasant Goat (喜羊羊)


An Augmented Reality (AR) app for Pleasant Goat was developed by our team because Pleasant Goat is a very famous cartoon character and lots of people like him. In addition, there were different films about Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf (喜羊羊與灰太狼), so we made use of those posters and created this interactive app.

Augmented Reality App

  • AR Graphics Design

  • AR Technology Embedded In App

  • 3D Modelling Design

  • App Design And Development

  • App Uploaded to Google Play


This app had used Augmented Reality (AR) technology which is a technology combining virtual objects or information with real life images through sensors and display units. Users only need to focus their devices on one of the posters of Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf’s films and then Pleasant Goat will come alive and wave to them. They can also take pictures with him and share with other friends.