An interactive information kiosk is setup in the Chinese style wall for visitors to check more information about the exhibition. Different from the traditional way of information kiosk, it is a touch-based kiosk with fast response software running in an Android device connecting to a big TV screen. The software is tailor-made based on the exhibition information. 6 points of touch sensing panel are installed on top of the TV screen to enable to touch control.

Our interactive game “The Football Mind” had been showcased in “Explore the ‘FUN’ of Science” Roadshow. By using the Mindwave and motion sensing technologies, visitors can use their mind and motion to play football.

Explore the ‘FUN’ of Science” at Lok Fu Plaza

With the aim of introducing latest innovations and technologies to the public, “Explore the ‘FUN’ of Science” Roadshow was organized by the Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation from the 12th to the 14th of Sep 2014 at Lok Fu Plaza.