Touch Game Applications


Our team had developed different interactive touch games to introduce the electoral systems in Hong Kong. For example, players need to differentiate which ballot is valid and which one is invalid based on the content of the ballot and move it to the corresponding box. Besides, players can learn more about the 18 districts of Hong Kong by matching the icons to the respective areas in the map. There are other interactive games in the Centre developed by us. Please feel free to visit!

Interactive Game Solution

  • Game Flow & Graphic Design

  • App Design & Development

  • Touch Screen

Elections concern the rights and obligations of every Hong Kong citizen. Fair, open and honest elections are vital to the political and social development of our community. We have elections for the Chief Executive, the Legislative Council and the District Councils in Hong Kong. To hold successful elections, we need thorough and detailed planning and arrangements. The Electoral Information Centre introduces the electoral systems in a systematic and lively manner.

(Source from Hong Kong Registration and Electoral Office)