In order to make a more interactive way to shw the nucleobase pairing for A-T and C-G combination, a dancing game kiosk is made. Visitor will base on the screen instruction where there are different items of A, T, C, G dropping down. Visitor is required to step on the arrow footprint labelled by A, T, C, G. Stepping in right item at right timing, visitor will gain higher marks to win the game. With correct combination A-T or C-G, a combo marks will be obtained.

Interactive games and touch screen are used to arouse people’s interest in mathematics. There are 3 games in this kiosk, which are “Hanoi Tower”, “Pythagoras Theorem” and “Stacking Bridge”. In “Hanoi Tower”, user needs to make minimum moves to transfer the discs from one pole to another. User can only move one disc at a time and larger disc cannot be put on top of a smaller one. In “Pythagoras Theorem”, there are different levels. User has to rearrange the figures on the right, so that they fit into the space on the left. Also, user needs to put the correct number which represents the length to each side of a right triangle. In “Stacking Bridge”, the blocks needed to be stacked up to reach the flag.

Biodiversity in the Prototype Zone

“Prototype Zone” is a small gallery showcasing the new interactive exhibits designed and produced by the Hong Kong Science Museum. New topics will be introduced in regular basis. In the zone, visitors may try on the new hands-on exhibits and express their views on design and performance of exhibits.

Located at the 2/F of the Museum, the gallery is now displaying a dozen of interactive exhibits on mathematical games, including “Pythagorean Rotor”, “Square Roller”, and “Hanoi Tower”, etc.

(Source from Hong Kong Science Museum)