A rotary sensor has been installed in the handle. Visitor can rotate the handle wheel clockwise and then the screen will show the progress of the plant’s growing. It is a very interactive way to show the plant’s growth step by step. It can reverse the playback by rotating anti-clockwise. Rotating faster can show the plant growth faster. Rotating slower can show the plant growth slowly. This supports both direction of rotation. Instead of using mechanical way, it turns to digital control by motion.

Visitors can rotate the crank to observe the process of the plant growth on the screen.

Biodiversity in the Prototype Zone

“Prototype Zone” is a small gallery showcasing the new interactive exhibits designed and produced by the Hong Kong Science Museum. Different new topics will be introduced in regular basis. In the zone, visitors can try on the new hands-on exhibits and express their views on design and performance of exhibits.

(Source from Hong Kong Science Museum)