The interactive game named “Life-sustaining Tools Developed by Biomedical Engineers” aims to educate players with innovative technologies developed by biomedical engineers and to raise public interests on different biomedical engineering principles. Sengital’s product called DigiTouch was equipped on a big TV screen with the android system to enable touch-based game installed in the android device based on the bio-engineering concept.

Pleased to provide a game kiosk for The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers – Biomedical Division during InnoCarnival 2014. This interactive kiosk can introduce the engineering principles that support the medical technology innovation in a fun way.

InnoCarnival 2014

InnoCarnival 2014 with the theme “Technology for a Better Future” organized by Innovation and Technology Commission was held from 1 to 9 November 2014 at Hong Kong Science Park, presenting a wide range of science and technology-related activities to the public.