In 2013, smart phone started to be common to many people. Every single smart phone equipped with motion sensor to control the screen orientation automatically, to provide digital compass function, to play motion sensing game and etc. What kind of sensors were used and how they work? The Secret of motion sensor will show the theory behind the application. Accelerometer, gyroscopes and magnetometer are introduced in this exhibits with interactive demo and software.

It is an interactive and educational exhibit which shows how different motion sensors work and the Human Input Device (HID) interface. It introduces 3 widely-used motion sensors, including accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer. Player can learn more about the sensors’ characteristics and functions and feel how the Motion Sensing Gun works by trying out the sample guns.

  • Game Flow Design
  • Hardware Fabrication And Installation

(Source from Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation)

Fun Nest & Inno Nest

The Hong Kong Science Park TechUniverse is a facility built to engage the public. TechUniverse will demonstrate to visitors the impact of new technology to our livelihood and our environment. It consists of three key components: Fun Nest, Inno Nest and Time Tech, each offering different knowledge and experiences to visitors through a range of fun, entertaining and interactive games and exhibits. It is a great way to explore, feel and live it. There has never been a more fun way to expand your mind.

(Source from Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation)