After showing the secret of motion sensor, a motion sensing shooting game called IC Master provides a great demonstration of 9 degree of freedom Inertia measurement unit (IMU) using these three types of motion sensor. There are three different screens to show 360° of a 3D world inside an Integrated Circuit (IC) and the mission of three visitors is to use the motion sensing gun to shoot the IC bug in order to save the IC world. The motion sensing gun is required to sense 360° pointing direction fully matching the three screens. On the other hand, three visitors are playing at the same time. It is a very advanced exhibit in 2013 by adopting many different technologies.

This is a shooting game which let players learn more about the functions and characteristics of different motion sensing technologies. Different pointing devices have also been used in this exhibit, including Air Mouse, IMU and Optical Pointer. Up to 3 players can experience the game at the same and RF technology is applied to synchronize the 3 pointing devices (guns).

  • Game Flow Design
  • Support Multi-player

(Source from Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation)

Fun Nest & Inno Nest

The Hong Kong Science Park TechUniverse is a facility built to engage the public. TechUniverse will demonstrate to visitors the impact of new technology to our livelihood and our environment. It consists of three key components: Fun Nest, Inno Nest and Time Tech, each offering different knowledge and experiences to visitors through a range of fun, entertaining and interactive games and exhibits. It is a great way to explore, feel and live it. There has never been a more fun way to expand your mind.

(Source from Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation)