Beside kernel driver interface of IR touch panel and the auto-ON/OFF development, Sengital (SenMedia) R&D team has another mission. How to make a video playback controller to play different video without and time gap smoothly? How to support multiple displays or projectors to play different videos at the same time? A new hardware with special software have been developed for the video playback system which is used in the projection tunnel in Creatures of the Abyss in Science Museum in 2012.

Creatures of the Abyss

The ocean provides more than 99% of the space available for living things on the planet, but only 3% or so of such space has been explored. Scientists will discover new species almost every time they visit the deep ocean. “Creatures of the Abyss” exhibition will take audiences on a journey to the most inaccessible ecosystem on Earth – the deep ocean. The marine world is far more wonderful and mysterious beyond a human’s imagination. Inhabiting in this vast underwater environment are a wide range of organisms, many of which are countless in quantity. However, we know very little about them. It is home to some of the strangest creatures living under some of the most inhospitable conditions on the planet. In this cold and dark environment, the communication of many animals takes place through light emission of their bodies, and no terrestrial creatures can withstand the enormous water pressure there.

The exhibition features about forty exhibits including full-scale models of marine life, mechanical interactive exhibits, multimedia programmes, full-image graphic panels with text and maps. All these will enable visitors to discover and learn about both the physical environment of the deep sea and the fascinating creatures that inhabit there. The arrangement of presentation leads visitors to travel down into the depths of the ocean, traverse the vast seafloor, climb up seamounts, and enter into undersea canyons and hydrothermal vents. It is an awe-inspiring glimpse of a vast and mysterious world in the deepest parts of the ocean and where extraordinary strange creatures reside. It is easy to think of someone being entangled by the tentacles of a colossal squid when you see the life-size model of this largest known species of squid! Inside the Bioluminescence Theatre, you will learn how some creatures of the abyss produce fantastic, colourful light shows for communication purposes in complete darkness! “Creatures of the Abyss” beckons you to explore the ocean environment that is totally beyond our imagination!

The exhibition is a production of Science North, Sudbury, Ontario, Canada

Source from Hong Kong Science Museum: