Our team initiated the idea of putting tablets into exhibits. All the games and apps are therefore under Android OS and are touch enabled. Visitors are required to give answers to some questions about the human brain and cognition.

With the strong academic background, Sengital (SenMedia) team has capability to understand different research concepts. In the Brain and Cognition exhibition in Science Museum, a series of game based on the brain research are required to be implemented in more interactive way. Considering a limited budget for many great research concept, using off-the-shelf market tablet as the exhibit is a good trial. Seven tablet games were developed with the daily statistic report sending to the CMS (Content management system) for data analytic. This work is not just the bringing fun to visitors. It is also meaningful to help university expert to collect data for further study of human brain. IT system and wireless technology make it happen in 2012!

Brain and Cognition Exhibition

The human brain is a highly complex organ comprising of hundreds of billions of neurons. For a very long time in history, we had only very little knowledge about how our brain worked. Through a giant brain model, graphic panels and some interactive games, the exhibition introduces interesting aspects and facts about the structure and functions of the human brain. They also depict disorders caused by impairment of neural transmission such as cognitive impairment, aphasia, dyslexia, attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder.

(Source from Hong Kong Science Museum)