Taking the advantage of using low cost Andriod box and the touch panel system as well as app development, an interactive information kiosk can be easily applied in wildlife photographer of the year exhibition in the Hong Kong Science Museum. Many nice graphic design and user interface can be developed with higher budget due to hardware and software cost reduction. Thus, the quality of the exhibit had been increased.

Our own branded product – DigiTouch PC and Panel have been made use in one of the exhibits to show this e-book. This is running in Android OS so that the interface and set up will be very easy to use and user friendly. The graphic design of the game interface makes this look like a digital book and the touch interaction is similar to that of a big book.

The ‘Wildlife Photographer of the Year’ exhibition

The ‘Wildlife Photographer of the Year’ exhibition was presented until 1 September 2013. Visitors enjoyed those extraordinary pictures very much. The exhibition not only showcases the beauty of nature, but it also gives visitor a reminder of the fragility of nature. There is an e-book which introduces different wildlife animals or plants. Moreover, a newly-designed message board allowed visitors to write, draw and display message electronically.

(Source from Hong Kong Science Museum)