The Education University of Hong Kong organized Re-encountering Confucius Exhibition to promote Chinese culture. SenMedia team helped to design mascot for the exhibition. All the design and fabrication have been done including many interactive exhibits.

“Re-encountering Confucius” Exhibition

The “Re-encountering Confucius” one-year exhibition,  organised by the Hong Kong Museum of Education (HKME) and co-presented by the Shandong Provincial Cultural Relics Bureau and collaborators from mainland China, was launched on 18 June.
In presenting Confucius as the Grand Master of All Ages, the HKME endeavours to start here and now to discover Confucius as his influence is still felt in our everyday lives, to go back to the origin to encounter Confucius in his own time and provide glimpses of Confucianism across its 2,500 years of progression and development. The exhibition culminates in reflection upon the challenges and opportunities brought about by the age of globalisation and digitisation and what does it mean for traditional culture in the 21st century.
Targeted at students and teachers, the exhibition comprises elements of edutainment, and offers interactive experiences, educational activities and guided tours. It is hoped that that visitors of all ages will enjoy an exhibition integrating animation, comics and games, and in the process become re-acquainted with Confucius.

(Source from the Hong Kong Museum of Education)