In order to letting visitor to understand more about dinosaur. AR technology is used to visualize the dinosaurs’ face from the dinosaurs’ bone. First of all, the dinosaurs’ 3D model needed to be built and the texture will need to be illustrated. With proper lighting setup in computer graphics model, a real rendering image can be generated. Then the bone images had been set as the marker of the AR engine in order to mapping the rendered image of dinosaur skin to the bone.


The traditional museum dinosaur exhibition shows bones, fossils, model and posters. To our visitors, it is no longer attractive enough. In 2012, Hong Kong Science Museum started the preparation for the dinosaur show scheduled in 2013. Multiple updated technologies were discussed to apply in this exhibition including mobile game, advanced augmented reality, ultra sound location detection, 3D projection, different sensing technologies, Andriod-based interactive kiosk, wireless network, exhibit hardware and software as well as fabrication. It is one of the exhibitions adopting most technologies in Hong Kong in 2013-2014. What is the secret behind the Legends of the Giant Dinosaurs Exhibition?

At first, players need to pick an egg and answer questions about dinosaurs. They may get one incubation energy unit for each correct answer. A baby dinosaur will be hatched when three units were got. Furthermore, they will lose one chance for each wrong answer. When all the chances are exhausted, the game will be suspended for 30 minutes. They can skip the question without losing a chance.

(Source from Hong Kong Science Museum)