In the exist of the exhibition hall of the show, an innovative and interactive message board kiosk is setup for visitors to leave their messages and feeling after visiting such fabulous dinosaur exhibition. Two touch panels are wirelessly connected to a central controller machine. The 10 latest message memos will be shown in the big TV screen connected to the central controller machine. All messages are stored in the backend server through Wi-Fi for record and feedback to the science museum for review of the show.

Tablets and monitor were used in this exhibit. It has a cute appearance and it can provide real time interaction, so it is easier to arouse people’s interest and people really like it. “Dino Message Board”, not only can satisfy the desire of people to express their views, but can also let children to be imaginative and draw on a tablet. In addition, it is very creative because it uses the concept of normal message board and it can display their messages on a large screen immediately. The latest 10 messages will be displayed on the monitor each time. Therefore, visitors can write or draw their own thoughts or pictures, or even give advice to the museum and take photos with their messages. It is one of the most popular interactive exhibit in the dinosaur exhibition.

  • Multi-touch Display
  • Software And Graphic Design
  • Wireless System Integration

Legends of the Giant Dinosaurs Exhibition

The Hong Kong Science Museum had organized a number of dinosaur exhibitions and all were well received. The “Legends of the Giant Dinosaurs” Exhibition will be the largest ever presented in Hong Kong. This exhibition is solely sponsored by the Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust. In this exhibition, new technologies and presentation methods will be used to introduce the largest Titanosaurus and the latest studies on dinosaurs. Occupying an area of 2,500 sq. metres, the exhibition is divided into four areas with different themes. It is opened from 8 November, 2013 to 9 April, 2014.

(Source from Hong Kong Science Museum)