After the development of a PC based photobooth, Sengital R&D team tried to use Android device to add a higher resolution of USB camera to develop a Photobooth to take photo for visitors and add a cartoon photo frame about wetland animals. Visitors can select their favourite wetland animals style photo frame to add to their photo taken by the photobooth. Through input the email address, visitors can send the photo back to their email address.

This interactive exhibit has photo booth function. Starting up with an eye catching main page, visitors are asked to touch the water droplet to select different photo frames with different signature species to surround them as they take a photo. 3 seconds will then be counted and photos with the special photo frames will be ready. Visitors can then send their photos to themselves by email to keep this valuable memory.

Snapshots in Wetland

Following the rhythm of seasons, migratory birds travel regularly between their breeding grounds and sites for overwintering to avoid the harsh winter. From 6 November 2013 till 31 March 2014, Hong Kong Wetland Park is running its signature winter event “Bird Watching Festival 2013/14” to introduce migratory birds, travelers in the sky, to nature-loving visitors. This winter, Hong Kong Wetland Park has chosen five migratory bird celebrities, including the globally endangered Black-faced Spoonbill, Pied Avocet with the pretty smile, the vigorous Daurian Redstart, the dignifying Grey Heron and the perseverant Curlew Sandpiper, to be the icons of “Bird Watching Festival 2013/14”.