The touch-based kiosk was setup with the software of introduction to Dr Sun Yat-sen. Visitor can touch the screen to see the introduction videos about Dr Sun Yat-Sen. The kiosk support two languages. A lot of valuable photos and videos are included in the kiosk for visitor to preview.

A Matter of Record: Dr Sun Yat-sen in the Historical Archives

An archive is a collection of documents, recorded at first hand, of or about an institution, especially a government or public body, a group of people or a location. Preserved in texts, photographs, audio and video, these faithful records are important materials that bear the historical and cultural heritage of a particular time and place.

By showcasing replicas of selected documents from the collection of the Second Historical Archives of China together with historical images, this exhibition looks back on the arduous journey that Dr Sun Yat-sen faced in the early years of the Republic of China. The exhibits also illustrate for visitors the reverence in which Chinese people held Dr Sun and shed light on his dauntless revolutionary and patriotic spirit.
(Source from the Dr Sun Yat-sen Museum)