Jurassic World


Pleased to be involved in this great and popular dinosaur exhibition in Hong Kong named “Legends of the Giant Dinosaurs” organized by Hong Kong Science Museum. Aiming at enhancing educational and interactive appeal of the exhibition, an informative and entertaining app “Jurassic World” has been developed by us. Different technologies and patented ones have been used, including Augmented Reality (AR) technology and ultrasound positioning.


Through the application of the app to both outdoor and indoor exhibits, users can enjoy an exciting experience of witnessing dinosaurs “becoming alive” and acquire more scientific information including attractive animation and audio guide of selected exhibits. Users can even extend the virtual experience by scanning the publicity materials, like the promotion pamphlet after visiting the exhibition.

Augmented Reality & Indoor Sound Positioning App

  • AR Graphics Design

  • AR Technology Embedded In App

  • 3D Modelling Design

  • Patented Technology

  • Support Unlock Features By Ultrasound Or Password

  • App Design And Development

  • App Uploaded to Google Play And iTunes

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We have used Augmented Reality (AR) technology in this app which is a technology combining virtual objects or information with real life images through sensors and display units. Users can view the dinosaurs in action and even to interact with them through their smartphones or tablets. They can use their smartphones or tablet applications to download this app and use it to view virtual dinosaurs walking in the museum’s piazza area while seeing these robotic dinosaurs. At the same time, they can take pictures with them and share with their friends.

Also, a patented ultrasound positioning technology is applied, so users can acquire the dinosaur information on the spot. Users need to select a target dinosaur and locate it at the Fossil Gallery. Then, they should bring their mobile devices close to the corresponding signage or enter the passwords to receive the dinosaur’s information. This app also provides asides in three different languages, including English, Cantonese and Mandarin, so it is suitable for all the people.

(Source from Hong Kong Science Museum)