a combination of Sensor and Media,
we always impress clients with our
relentless pursuit of ideas,
technology and innovation.

App Development

Interactive Augmented Reality App
Jurassic World

Exhibit Equipment

Interactive Message Board & E-Book

Total Solution

Innovative Design, Fabrication & Installation



In order to catch up the huge market demand of interactive exhibit solution and new media, SenMedia team has been spun off from Sengital Group, focuses on exhibit, museum and media industry. SenMedia team has involved in different exhibit projects Sengital has participated in the past 10 years, which give the team a fruitful experience.

Our Strengths 

Through SenMedia, clients can provide new interactive experiences to their audiences by applying and integrating our simple to use and effective technologies. Our professional team is experienced in interactive design and project management. We have a passion to bring the best quality and efficiency to clients. One of SenMedia’s principles is that feedback and assistance will be provided within 24hours. We are committed to continue innovating and creating the best value among our partners and clients.

App Design and Development

A number of apps have already been developed and patented technology has also been adopted.

Interactive Solution & Integration

We can contribute to your project with different innovative ideas and design. Our team is strong with ideas and technological background.

Fabrication and Maintenance

Hardware fabrication, installation and maintenance will be provided by us as an integral part of our solution and proposal.

Research and Analytics

If you have some preliminary ideas in mind, we can make them happen by working on research and analytics.

Multimedia Content

Multimedia content can make things different. A total solution does not only mean only hardware or software but also the soul and content of the project.

Project Management

Customer relationships, production schedules, shipments and arrangements have strong inter-dependencies. A number of massive scale projects have been handled by our team, providing with confidence in our services.

Mission & Vision


– Introducing new technologies and elements to interactive solution
– Providing perfect services and products to our clients
– Providing solutions and products for both entertainment and learning


– To be the leader of local interactive solution industry
– To contribute to our industry and society